New construction loans

We believe in personal service

Are you planning to build your own home? We offer construction loans for those who want to build their own home. Our professionals can help make this a terrific experience, and make your loan processing less complicated. With our help, you can enjoy the process, without the frustration of financing worries. Most importantly, we take great pride in being available when you need us. We're a phone call away.

Contact us to learn more about following areas

  • Loans of 95% the appraised value for the construction loan
  • Arrange end loan interest rate options - including a Rate Cap, Long Term Rate Lock with Float Down Feature and Floating Rate programs
  • Interest-only option for fixed and ARM end construction loans
  • We can help with low doc end loan programs
  • We offer curbside and pre-curbside funding options for log or modular homes
  • Get financing for many types of properties, including traditional construction, log, timber frame, structural insulated panels (SIP), modular and panelized homes
  • Get up to a 12-month term on construction loans that will accomodate most new construction
  • Provide a choice of disbursement schedules